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Ontario sets aside $200M to help large manufacturers with retrofits

The GreenON Industries program aims to lower greenhouse gas emissions at large industrial businesses across the province

December 12, 2017  by Canadian Staff

TORONTO—A new Ontario government initiative lends support to large industrial emitters looking to retrofit their facilities in order to cut their carbon intensity.

Chris Ballard, the province’s minister of Environment and Climate Change and Reza Moridi, minister of Research, Innovation and Science launched the new $200 million program in Thorold, Ont. late last week.

The GreenON Industries program focuses on large manufacturing and industrial companies upgrading inefficient production equipment as well as those introducing new processes that will require fewer resources.

The province will use the $200 million fund to match company funding for approved projects.


To apply, companies need to have at least 500 employees or generate more than 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

You can learn more about the program and company eligibility here.

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