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Manitoba mukluk maker eyes global growth with $3.5M EDC loan guarantee

Footwear manufacturer will use funds to build brand, worldwide network

January 27, 2016  by Canadian Staff

WINNIPEG—Are the densely-packed sidewalks of cities worldwide ready for the urban mukluk? One Manitoba manufacturer, and Export Development Canada, think so.

The trade finance agency has extended a $3.5 million loan guarantee to Winnipeg-based Manitobah Mukluks. The Aboriginal-owned company plans to use the funds to take on the global footwear market.

“This guarantee gives us the confidence we need to partner with customers outside of Canada,” Sean McCormick, the company’s president, said. “As an Aboriginal-owned company, our vision is to build a vibrant, global brand that has a significant impact in Aboriginal communities.”

“Growing our export capacity allows us to share that vision globally,” he added.


With a diverse lineup of mukluks and moccasins it markets toward urban markets, the footwear manufacturer will be able to use the loan guarantee to help secure the financing its needs to build an international export network.

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