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Governments should use procurement programs to help female entrepreneurs: report

The report suggests simplifying procurement programs, a step that would aid small businesses that have limited resources to deal with bureaucracy

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OTTAWA—A report on female entrepreneurs says governments should use their multi-billion-dollar procurement programs to help women-run businesses and female suppliers.

The report, co-funded by the Bank of Montreal, the federal government, Carleton University and the Beacon Agency, says women want to participate in procurement programs, but find the processes are too complicated for a small business.

It says much work needs to be done to help ensure female entrepreneurs can fully contribute to the Canadian economy.

The report makes 40 recommendations to governments, financial institutions and female entrepreneurs.

Among its suggestions is a recommendation that all levels of government use procurement programs as a means to support small and medium enterprises and minority-owned businesses, including requiring supplier diversity policies for federal crown corporations and agencies.

The report suggests simplifying the process to recognize different kinds of small businesses and acknowledge their limited capacity to deal with bureaucracy.

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