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Foreign investors bought $14.9B in Canadian securities in April

by The Canadian Press   

Canadian Manufacturing
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Non-residents invested $12.8-billion in Canadian debt securities, largest investment since May 2012

OTTAWA—Statistics Canada says non-resident investors acquired $14.9-billion of Canadian securities in April, adding both debt and equity securities to their holdings.

The agency says Canadian investors added $2.8-billion of foreign securities, a third straight month of acquisitions.

It says foreign investment in Canadian securities was led by debt instruments, mainly reflecting private corporate bonds and the first acquisition of money market instruments in 2013.

Non-residents invested $12.8-billion in Canadian debt securities in April, the largest investment since May 2012.


These investments came as the Canadian dollar appreciated against its American counterpart for a second consecutive month in April

Canadian investment in foreign securities in April also focused on debt instruments.


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