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Blackshape’s full carbon fibre aircraft set to take to Canadian skies

Two-seat Blackshape CF300 Prime features full carbon fibre frame and cockpit, 1,700-kilometre range

March 10, 2014  by Canadian Manufacturing Daily Staff

MONTREAL—An Italian firm says its carbon fibre is ready to take to Canada’s skies after receiving federal approval.

Blackshape SpA says its CF300 Prime two-seat ultra-light aircraft features a carbon fibre frame and cockpit, and was approved by Transport Canada for its Advanced Ultralight Aircraft (AULA) class of aircraft.

The plane sports a 100-horsepower Rotax 912 ULS engine, and weighs 654 lbs. when empty, with a max gross weight of 1042 lbs.

All that contributes to a cruising speed of 275 km/h—45 km/h faster than the maximum cruising speed of a Cessna Skyhawk—and a range of 1,100 kilometres.


Drop down to economy mode, and Blackshape says the range extends to 1,700 kilometres at 225 km/h.

The lightweight Prime only needs a strip of 150 metres for takeoff and landing, and features standard retractable landing gear.

It also features a variable pitch propeller, autopilot, survival cell and ballistic parachute, as well as a full suite of digital instrumentation.

Blackshape said it is also in the process of certifying a 115-horsepower version of the Prime that features higher weight allowances with Transport Canada.

The Prime has a starting price of $269,000.