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Top five manufacturing quotes from the quarter

by Sadi Muktadir   

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Canadian Manufacturing lists its top five quotes from manufacturing industry leaders from the first quarter.

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A number of manufacturing leaders and executives were interviewed over the last few months regarding their pandemic resiliency, recovery plans and outlook for 2021, providing key insight into a variety of industries. We’ve listed the top five quotable moments from these interviews.

In response to panicking manufacturers who may be under pressure to diversify their product offerings or pivot to something else altogether to survive, Yassen Horanszky, Founder and Managing Partner of Luniko Consulting said this:

“Pivoting for the sake of pivoting does not work. Don’t change your product, maybe change your strategy instead. Identify your advantages, listen to your data…understand what makes you, you.”

When speaking to Linda Hasenfratz, CEO of Linamar Corporation regarding the lack of women in leadership roles in manufacturing, she provided interesting food for thought:


“Diversity optimizes performance; I know statistically, this has been shown to be true as well. You get alternative viewpoints, more looking at things from different angles when people have different backgrounds in the decision-making process. Financially, I know it’s in your best interest look seriously at diversity initiatives.”

An interview with Jeremy Hedges, CEO of Canadian Shield gave our readers insight into the future of mask manufacturing and its saturation in the Canadian market:

“Masks aren’t going away. People have an increased concern for health and safety measures now. We’re kidding ourselves if we think these industries and efforts will disappear. Sure, levels may decrease and ease up a little bit, but the industry is here to stay.”

In addressing manufacturing leaders about the skills shortage and talent gap in manufacturing, Melissa Chee, CEO of ventureLAB was clear:

“Too many companies adhere to their skills matrix religiously, which limits their reach. Address talent shortages by changing this and reaching out to talent where talent is. Different experiences, different backgrounds all come from different networks outside of where you’re used to hiring.”

Finally, Jennifer McNeill, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at NFI Group Inc. provided some eye-opening details about the future of fuel-cell technology in automotive manufacturing at the CUTRIC Zero Emission Bus Conference on Mar. 29th:

“It’s clear to us that fuel cell technology is real. Over the last 12 months, interest in fuel cell technology has really grown. I’m not sure if we will be at a 50/50 split between battery and fuel cell technology vehicles, but I can certainly see 70/30 being possible, at least in the next five years.”


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