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Security Director of the Year 2021: Lina Tsakiris

by Neil Sutton   

Canadian Security
Manufacturing awards Security Director Women in Security

For her contributions to the study of insider risk and in recognition of an impressive security career built over decades, Tsakiris was named Security Director of the Year 2021 by Canadian Security’s editorial advisory board.

Lina Tsakiris (photo by Sandra Strangemore)

The classic model of a successful security department is one that recognizes and anticipates potential threats to an organization and mitigates them in the name of protecting people, property and assets.

But those potential threats can occur both inside and outside of that organization.

Lina Tsakiris is one of the leading experts in a growing field of professional security that recognizes risks can arise from within. But how and why those risks flare up are questions not easily answered.

Tsakiris has spearheaded additional study, working with corporate and academic partners in an effort to create more knowledge and understanding around the phenomenon, particularly its impact on Canadian enterprises.



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