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Process West: Red tape has left Canada on the sidelines to step up LNG exports

Canada, despite having ample reserves, have not stepped up to export desperately needed natural gas to Europe. Why?

March 9, 2022   by Elmira Aliakbari Director, Natural Resource Studies and Jairo Yunis Junior Policy Analyst, Fraser Institute

Europe is suffering its worst energy crisis since the 1970s. European natural gas prices have risen more than 600 per cent over the past year, including 30 per cent since Russia invaded Ukraine.

While the United States, Australia and other countries have already started to boost shipments of liquified natural gas (LNG) to Europe, Canada remains on the sidelines. Unfortunately, despite being the world’s fifth-largest producer of natural gas, Canada has missed the opportunity to expand our supply of LNG to overseas markets due to a lack of export infrastructure, largely due to regulatory barriers and environmental activism.

This article originally featured in Process West Magazine. Read the full version here. 


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