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Plant: EV truck field is getting crowded

by Mario Cywinski   

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The latest move for pick-up truck manufacturers is making them fully electric, and the field is becoming crowded.

Photo: General Motors.

Over the years, pick-up trucks have come in all shapes and sizes, many growing with each generation, and adding new models to fill the gaps. Under the hoods, a plethora of engines have been used, that use many different configurations. We have seen, and in many cases continue to see, V-6, V-8, turbocharged, diesel, hybrid, and other configurations powering the pick-up vehicles on the roads.

Now it’s time to go to the next step, fully electric. While a lot of attention has centred around EV-only manufacturers, such as Tesla (with its uniquely designed Cybertruck), Rivian (with the R1T), or others, having the mainstream OEMs enter the scene, is a game-changer.

Below we look at what each OEM has to offer, from trucks that are already on the road (Ford Lightning) to those that have just been released as a concept (Ram Revolution), and everything in between.

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