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OHS Canada: Keeping workers stable amid changes to fall protection

by OHS Canada   

OHS Canada
Regulation Risk & Compliance

Experts discuss latest legislation, innovation, products

On July 23, OHS Canada hosted a Fall Protection Roundtable, hosted virtually in Toronto. Sponsored by Pure Safety Group, the event brought together Canadian safety experts to discuss the latest legislation, innovation and products in fall protection. (Pure Safety Group)

Falls continue to be a leading cause of workplace injuries, leading to reduced work time and fatalities.

In 2018, 66 workers died as a result of falling at work, accounting for six per cent of the 1,027 workplace deaths reported that year. During the same time, nearly 20 per cent of lost time claims filed in that year were connected to falls at work: 51,800 of the 264,000 lost time claims from 2018 were because of injuries sustained in a workplace fall.

Proper equipment, correctly used and diligently maintained, is crucial in any workplace’s plan to keep workers safe and productive. But changing standards and differing regulations can make compliance confusing for safety managers.

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