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OHS Canada: Head safety meets style

by Meagan Gillmore   

OHS Canada
Human Resources Risk & Compliance Textiles

Innovations continue to improve hard hats, helmets

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the design of hard hats and helmets. (Photo courtesy of Draeger)

Recent style innovations for hard hats have also improved workers’ safety.

“Before, a hard hat was a hard hat — there wasn’t a lot to be done with it,” according to Brandon Griffin, national sales director for MSA in Canada.

With the company for 15 years, Griffin said in the past year, there’s been a considerable increase in different styles and a desire to make sure the hard hat is the most appropriate for the job and the worker.

“We’re really seeing a big trend of people not just ordering a hard hat for all the different variations in their facility; they’re buying the right helmet or the right hat for the job,” he said.
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