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OHS Canada: COVID-19 has changed workplace safety forever

by OHS Canada   

OHS Canada
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Can safety professionals leverage the spotlight on the profession to push correction and compliance?

Without question, COVID-19 has brought about the largest shift in modern culture ever, writes Christopher Hurley. (Nikom1234/Getty Images)

Well, I’ll admit it. My crystal ball may have been a little foggy. In January, I wrote that technology trends would dominate the safety profession through 2020. That was pre-pandemic.

Although I can still state with certainty that tech trends will remain incredibly important to safety moving forward, COVID-19 now dominates every headline and conversation.

For at least the short term, everything about the way we do business has changed. Long-term impacts are pending, but in the meantime, let’s look ahead to what this all translates to for safety professionals moving forward.

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