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MRO Magazine: The Role of the Maintenance Manager

by Peter Phillips , MRO Magazine   

MRO Magazine
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Any plant has the potential to have a successful maintenance department, the payoff is an engaged maintenance team providing focused equipment care and customer service to the production department with a result of sustainable equipment reliability.

A man holding a staff safety helmet in production control room. There is a computer in the control of machinery at feed mills. Safety at work

Over the past few MRO issues, I’ve written about the role and responsibilities of each member of the maintenance team. This installment focuses on the maintenance manager and how they influence the success of the maintenance department, their improvement goals, and the performance of maintenance staff.

The maintenance manager has many responsibilities; however, they have two primary responsibilities to their maintenance team:
-Lead their team to achieve and sustain maintenance initiatives that will improve equipment reliability.
-High quality service to the production department.

A major problem many maintenance managers face is explaining the added value of maintenance activities to upper management. According to conducted research, more than 60 per cent of top managers still look at maintenance strictly as a cost centre and necessary evil.

This article originally featured in MRO Magazine. Read the full version here. 



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