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MRO Magazine: Step-by-step guide to build a successful precision maintenance program

by Bryan Christiansen   

MRO Magazine
Manufacturing Operations precision maintenance

Precision maintenance as a philosophy is a vital ingredient that guarantees consistent maintenance work.

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Precision maintenance is a strategy that aims to maintain the quality of work and streamline routine activities. Any maintenance technician can respond to emergency or routine maintenance tasks and deliver high-quality work. Building a successful precision maintenance program takes time as the company needs to perfect work order management and inculcate a culture of best practices, adherence to the established maintenance procedures, and continuous improvement.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are at the heart of precision maintenance programs. The company chooses a maintenance specialty that they need to perfect and develop relevant procedures to achieve its maintenance goals. Precision maintenance has several benefits, they include:

-Enhanced asset reliability;
-Extended equipment life;
-Lower operations and maintenance cost;
-Better safety standards;
-Improved productivity; and
-Motivated and highly skilled maintenance personnel.

The company must fulfill specific requirements to build a successful precision maintenance program. It calls for a dedicated mindset among employees, adopting proactive maintenance at all levels of the organization. The company then trains its employees, develops detailed workflows and procedures, invests in relevant work tools, and perfects the documentation of maintenance work.


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