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MRO: How Surveillance Solutions Can Keep Food and Beverage Manufacturing at the Forefront of Their Operation

by MRO Magazine   

MRO Magazine
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There’s no time for downtime in a food and beverage production facility. No matter the cause, interruptions may have deep financial implications.

Industry regulations and mandatory procedures demand compliance, quality and safety throughout the entire food and beverage manufacturing process. With a need to improve facility operations at an all-time high, chief operators and managers are looking for ways to run efficiently, healthier, and safer with smart solutions based on innovative technology.

According to the 2021 FCC Food and Beverage Report, there are more concerns over employee health, which forced food manufacturing companies to make significant investments in personal protective equipment (PPE) and adjustment to their overall procedures. Gradual re-opening of economies created new opportunities and challenges as consumer behaviours were continually shifting, forcing these facilities to remain agile. Meanwhile, the focus of Canadian government investment is to increase food autonomy and focus on safe plant output procedures.

Agile manufacturing’s consumer needs-based concept of flexibility, rapid iteration, augmentation, innovation, and ultimate safety requires improved reliability and compliance in production. The integrity of every step and process involved can be further optimized with surveillance solutions that provide clear situational awareness and enable increased efficiency and preventative maintenance. It’s crucial that everything handled in the food and beverage production chain be done with smart, reliable systems for preventing contamination and tampering. It’s also about these facilities having access to products and analytics to help review the processing, to enhance procedures and equipment, to keep employees safe, and to guard the premises against theft, whether physical or data theft, and sabotage by intruders.


The full article can be found in MRO Magazine, a partner publication of Canadian Manufacturing.


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