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Manufacturing Automation: Piloting a new digital practice

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Manufacturing Automation
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A wood products manufacturer tests a digital transformation initiative to improve productivity and increase workflow visibility

Rockwell Automation worked with Norbord to select a pilot mill for its digital transformation project. Photo: Rockwell Automation

Norbord, a Canadian-based manufacturer of wood-based panels for the construction industry, recently embarked on a digital journey to improve efficiency and productivity at its mills across the globe. [Ed. note: On Feb. 1, Norbord was acquired by West Fraser Forest Products. As this interview was conducted before the merger and involves an application implemented by Norbord, the company name remains throughout.]

Norbord teamed up with Rockwell Automation, which uses digital technology to improve industrial automation processes, to identify issues and build out a new game plan to help it remain on top.

The project began about a year and a half ago when the Norbord team decided they wanted to have more control over their processes and platforms and simplify monitoring equipment so smarter decisions could be made faster.

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