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Manufacturing Automation: Connected manufacturing: Realizing your ROI on data

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Manufacturing Automation
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Thanks to wide deployment of IoT sensors, many manufacturers are sitting on mountains of collected data. Capitalizing on their investments will come not from mega-projects, but from incremental initiatives

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If data is the new oil for online marketers, it might be better described as the new bitumen for manufacturers. The key difference is that manufacturing data, like bitumen, only delivers value after many steps of separation and processing.

“A lot of people start to collect data and think that they’re building up this wealth of information that’s going to lead to actionable insight without too much effort,” says Jean-Christophe Petkovich, co-founder and CTO at Kitchener-based Acerta Analytics Solutions. “But what we’re finding is that most of the work that needs to be done comes after the information capture actually happens.”

The challenge in manufacturing is that processes are unique, and there is no universal roadmap for successful technology deployment. Instead, process owners must match the data to real-life situations through a series of trial-and-error experiments. Strategic initiatives that take years to implement, therefore, are likely to miss the mark or be out of date by the time they are completed.

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