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EP&T: Securing the Datasphere

by EP&T   

Technology / IIoT Electronics

An approach to data security in an increasingly connected world

Source: Getty Images

There’s an old saying: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” For cybercriminals, COVID-19 couldn’t have provided a better opportunity to take advantage of organizations across the globe as they were scrambling to shift to a remote workforce. As if a massive disruption in business alone wasn’t enough, corporate leaders were challenged with the task of securing enterprise perimeters that had suddenly vanished.

Now, with more than half of 2020 behind us, organizations are moving forward, but are looking at enterprise security through a much different lens. As they chart a path toward ensuring that people, computers, networks and platforms are secured, many have adopted a zero-trust approach. And, for good reason. With data underpinning decision making in nearly every industry—finance, healthcare, retail and transportation—the ecosystem has become increasingly complex as the threat landscape expands.

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