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EP&T: How women in engineering are leading crazy-smart ideas

A discussion with Véronique Lainé about women in tech, the element14 community and anti-performance

May 19, 2021   by EP&T

Véronique Lainé, software analyst with the Société de Transport de Montreal (STM).

Hopping from one video call to the next, I was thrilled to shake up my work-from-home routine to chat with Société de Transport de Montreal (STM) software analyst and gadget mastermind Véronique Lainé. A dynamic member of Canada’s design engineer community, she said something early on in our conversation that resonated with me:

“Sometimes crazy ideas are smart ideas; they just come too soon.”

Lainé went on to explain that when she was a young girl, she would spend days watching her father weld, repair and fiddle with side projects, captivated by his crazy, smart ideas.

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