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EP&T: Creativity in the electronics industry will counter chip shortages

by EP&T Magazine   

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Recognizing World Supply Chain Day on April 21st.

Engineer showing a computer microchip on motherboard background. Electronic circuit board with processor. Source: Adobe

Thanks to Brexit, the pandemic and now the Russia/Ukraine war, the risks and shortfalls in our global supply chains have become front and centre for most companies over the last two years, especially for the electronics industry.

Supply chains are increasingly recognized as a key component to business survival, success and growth, as ByteSnap found in its survey, Thriving in the Face of Change, which revealed that the electronics industry was one of the worst hit by supply chain disruptions. 82% of the companies surveyed had been adversely affected by supply chain challenges.

To recognize World Supply Chain Day on April 21st, ByteSnap’s team of embedded electronics engineers has put together some tips to help keep design projects on track and minimize the effects of supply chain disruptions:

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