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EP&T: Can AI outdesign you?

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Woke Studios’ industrial design was on full display with its contribution to creating a surgical robot for Elon Musk’s Neuralink venture.

This article is adapted from a talk that our founder, Afshin Mehin, gave at the Interior Design Show Conference in Toronto this past January. The topic was ‘Disruptive Technologies in Design.’ Mehin spoke about AI and how it will impact the creative process and makeup of design studios as we look towards the future.


Over the past decade, we have witnessed major advancements in artificial intelligence technology; some would say the decade’s most defining development was the rapid rise and evolution of AI.

As it becomes more and more ubiquitous, AI is transforming various aspects of everyday life – from the healthcare industry to the highly personal act of listening to music. As a design studio, we are focused on turning visionary technology into beloved products and services. Which means we are always deep in thought about the changes we will need to adapt to, whether that’s in meeting our users’ evolving needs, or in adapting our design process to the huge technological strides we’re witnessing today, with AI or otherwise.


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