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Canadian Security: How to land a career in cyber

by Georgios Depastas and Kathy Liu   

Canadian Security
Human Resources Technology / IIoT

A Montreal-based project takes an inclusive approach to new talent, exploring the value of non-technical backgrounds for future cybersecurity professionals

The future of privacy and cybersecurity PHOTO: Frost & Sullivan

In Canada, cybersecurity is positioned to be the fastest adopted technology, and top 5 emerging job.

Yet we have all seen the numbers: an approximate 3.5 million global cyber talent shortage. But, is this gap really about a shortage of sufficiently skilled people, or are we not tapping into the right talent and investing in upskilling?

There is a perception that cybersecurity is arduous to break into for the non-technically initiated. The equivalence between cyber and IT is reinforced by pop culture, and even self-inflicted. The accepted dogma is that one has to enter cybersecurity job-ready, with the alphabet-soup of certifications indexed in most job posts.

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