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Canadian Packaging: Compact, High-Speed and Precise: Mettler-Toledo’s New X-Ray Inspection System for Small, Single-Pack Products

by Mettler-Toledo   

Canadian Packaging
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The X34C delivers a unique x-ray solution to the market: cost-effective inspection of individual packs and bars, immediately after flow-wrapping or pack sealing.

Canadian Packaging

Royston, Hertfordshire, UK, 7th February 2022 – Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection today launches a new x-ray inspection system, the X34C, that is designed specifically for the detection of contaminants in small, individual packaged products at high-speed.

The X34C x-ray inspection system is based on three key design principles of compactness, high-speed and precision:

Compact Footprint: the system has a footprint of just 700mm in length, which includes an integrated reject. This means that the X34C can be installed into production lines where space is at a premium.

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