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8 great podcasts for manufacturers

by Madeline Miller, Writer & Editor at Essyroo   

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There are a number of manufacturing podcasts out there for eager listeners looking to stay up to date on industry news and trends.

There are many podcasts that talk about manufacturing from the inside and out. Here are 8 important manufacturing podcasts diving into the ins and outs of the industry:

1. Gemba Academy Podcast
“Hosted by Ron Pereira, the co-founder of Gemba Academy, the Gemba Academy Podcast aims to teach individuals worldwide about the ins and outs of manufacturing,” says Jimmy Bevenfield, a manufacturing blogger at Essayroo and Bigassignments. “This podcast is all about learning leadership skills, production, and lean thinking. And, the podcast will talk extensively about the six sigma methodologies of manufacturing, which is important to know in the industry.”

2. Advanced Manufacturing Now
The Advanced Manufacturing Now podcast is brought to you by SME Media, a leading source for news and in-depth tech information on North America’s advanced manufacturing. Hosted by Bruce Morey, Senior Technical Editor for Manufacturing Engineering Magazine, the podcast is aimed at manufacturing professionals. In this podcast, you’ll know about the latest technology, equipment, and processes that go into manufacturing. You’ll hear from the leading experts and analysts in the industry, ranging from people in big corporations to those from small businesses.


3. The Manufacturing Executive
Need strategy in your manufacturing endeavours? Check out The Manufacturing Executive podcast!
In this podcast, manufacturing leaders will learn from other leaders through vivid storytelling, life lessons, and solid advice. Through their stories, listeners will learn to better strategize their operations, and find successes in what they do in this ever-evolving industry.

4. Conquering Chaos
Hosted by Parsable product marketer Josh Santo, Conquering Chaos is a straightforward podcast about discussing what the future will hold for manufacturing. You’ll hear from real manufacturing leaders, along with other practitioners who know the industry backwards and forwards. They’ll also talk about recent issues surrounding the industry like labor shortage and supply chain woes.

5. In Machines We Trust
“Hosted by Jennifer Strong, Editorial Director at the MIT Technology Review, this podcast explains up-and-coming trends that surround manufacturing,” says Clara Johnson, a journalist at Revieweal and Eliteassignmenthelp. “From the use of artificial intelligence to automation, there are many things – many technological advances – that can transform manufacturing for the better. The podcast also explains why machinery is a major part of the industry, along with the people operating them.”

6. Operations With Sean Line
This podcast is hosted by Sean Lane, a Senior Director, Field Operations at the conversational marketing platform Drift. With experience building a startup in Boston, Lane describes the ups and downs of manufacturing, including operations, growth, and strategies. As you learn about the many functions of manufacturing, the podcast will also treat you to solid advice on how to do things right in the industry.

7. Manufacturing Happy Hour
Finally, there is the Manufacturing Happy Hour by Chris Luecke. The podcast asks the question: How can manufacturers tell their story to their ideal customer? The Manufacturing Happy Hour will attempt to answer that question by bringing in up-and-coming manufacturing leaders from different backgrounds and mindsets.

8. Canadian Manufacturing Talks
The podcast dives into case studies from manufacturing leaders on new technologies, personal journeys and issues affecting the industry day-to-day. Whether it’s the clean energy transition, pandemic recovery, or supply chain problems, the interviews try to provide some advice for manufacturing leaders facing similar issues.

Since manufacturing is growing every day, especially in terms of technology and manpower, it’s no wonder that there are many podcasts dedicated to this industry. These 8 podcasts are a great way to learn more about manufacturing!


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