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Ontario Export Awards finalist profile: Jaylor Fabricating

Jaylor Fabricating was named a finalist for the Food, Beverage & Agriculture award at the 2014 Ontario Export Awards

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Location: East Garafraxa, Ont.

Year Established: 1993

Company Description: Jaylor Fabricating Inc. manufacturers a vertical total mixed ration (TMR) feeder for the beef and dairy industries.
A vertical TMR mixer is similar to a giant food processor that cuts, mixes and blends a ration for feeding cattle.

Top Export Markets: the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Japan

Finalist Bona Fides: In Australia and New Zealand, Jaylor has worked with distributors and developed a travelling roadshow—taking along sales staff and nutrition experts—visiting dealers and offering farmers a chance to not only kick the tires, but to actually get valuable information from the Jaylor nutrition team.
Its product is used in 42 countries.

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