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Study unmasks new group of ‘choiceful’ consumers

by Canadian Manufacturing Daily Staff   

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At gunpoint, these eco-holics would choose to lose their pants over their smartphones

CHICAGO—Retail marketing gurus love to divide slice and dice customers into different categories, or tribes, and a recent study from Amazon Advertising Advertising has identified a new group of progressive consumers dubbed ‘The Choicefuls.’

The study, which is based on a survey of 1,294 people above the age of 18, indicates these individuals make up about 21 per cent of the population in the U.S.

According to Amazon Advertising, they “hold an important stake in retail, health and wellness, environment and technology industries.”

“The choicefuls represent a dynamic group of consumers in search of brands that mirror their values,” said Liz Paul, director of strategy at Amazon Advertising, which is part of Publicis Worldwide. “Whether it’s feeding their pets an organic diet or making exercise a strong priority in their lives, this group is constantly making purposeful choices.”


According to the study, the choicefuls’ over-arching trait is that their values permeate every aspect of their lives.

They make decisions that are described as “better-for-me” and “better-for-the-planet.”

As a result they are:

• 51 per cent more likely to say the higher cost of healthy living is worth it
• 77 per cent more likely buy brands they perceive as sharing their values
• 88 per cent more likely to research products extensively before making a purchase
• 36 per cent more likely to pay more for household products that are earth-friendly, biodegradable and phosphate-free
• 80 per cent more likely to feed pets in line with their own d
• 10 times more likely to rearrange their day to include exercise
• Two times more likely to try health food fads
• Three times more likely to say others ask their advice about diet and lifestyle

Plus, they’re happier than the average American.

• 92 per cent more satisfied with their weight
• 43 per cent more satisfied with work/life balance
• 42 per cent more satisfied with their sex life
• 30 per cent more satisfied professionally
• Three times more satisfied with level of fitness

Additionally, this group highly values technology and would be 32 per cent more likely to offer up their pants over their cellphones during a robbery.

They are also 50 per cent more likely to write online reviews or blog and are 32 per cent more likely to use mobile banking applications once or twice a week.


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