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New climate data portal to give Canadians reliable tools to adapt to climate change

by Cleantech Canada Staff   

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A climate data portal supported by the Government of Canada supports decision makers by providing current climate data in easy-to- use formats and visualizations

MONTRÉAL – A new website launched by The Government of Canada provides engineers, public health professionals, urban planners, and other decision-makers doing long-term planning with user-friendly climate change information to assist them in anticipating and managing climate change-related issues over the medium and long term. was developed by the Computer Research Institute of Montréal in collaboration with Ouranos, the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, the Prairie Climate Centre, and Habitat Seven with support from the Canadian Centre for Climate Services.

Users can explore, visualize and download climate data and information tailored to their specific needs. It includes an interactive map so you can see how the climate is changing where you live. For instance, the portal includes a Health section with useful data to support health authorities’ adaptation strategies and planning.

For more information, visit the Canadian Centre for Climate Services website.



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