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Kite Mobility partners with Brigil to bring EVs to residents

by CM staff   

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Residents at The Dale will have access to two BMWi3's and eight electric bikes.

Photo: CNW Group/Kite Mobility Inc.

TORONTO — Kite Mobility partners with The Dale, a 33-storey rental high-rise located in Ottawa, built by real estate developer Brigil. The partnership with Kite will provide residents with access to a fleet of eVehicles.

Residents at The Dale will have access to two BMWi3’s, and eight electric bikes, which will occupy the Kite zone, a dedicated space within the building’s existing underground parking lot. Residents will have the options of pay-per-use or a scheduling model.

“Our objective is to provide an environment where residents can live a fulfilling life while also reducing their environmental footprint,” said Jessy Desjardins, VP of Development and Design, Brigil’s. “As ethical, eco-sensitive developers, our responsibility goes well beyond building. Developing a complete living environment includes protecting the urban boundary and preserving the area’s beautiful natural environment. Our partnership with Kite perfectly aligns with this vision and we are thrilled to embark on this new adventure.”

The partnership comes at a time when municipal regulations have continued to reduce the amount of vehicular parking spots in new developments, while also setting new green standards as the city moves towards new carbon targets.


“By offering multiple transportation options on the property, we’re aiming to eliminate barriers for residents, many of whom no longer have an interest in owning a car, which typically sits in the parking garage, unused the majority of the time. Our focus is to materially reduce GHG emissions and congestion within our communities,” said Scott Macwilliam, Founder, Kite.


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