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Canadian hydrogen fuel cells to power U.S. cruise ship

Hydrogenics Canada hydrogen fuel cells will provide 33 kilowatts of power to 600 passenger ship.

March 25, 2011  by Canadian Manufacturing Daily Staff

MISSISSAUGA—Hydrogenics Corp. has received a contract for two HyPM HD 16 fuel-cell power modules for Statue Cruises, a New Jersey-based company that runs cruises around the Statue of Liberty in New York.

The fuel cells will generate up to 33 kilowatts of continuous power to propel a 600 passenger Hornblower Hybrid cruise ship.

Wind turbines, solar panels and a tier 2 diesel engine will provide the ship with additional power.

Typically, vessels use a diesel powered main engine or auxiliary power units that spew large amounts of emissions and noise into the environment. The new hydrogen cells will limit emissions and will be quieter.


Hydrogenics Corp. develops hydrogen generation and fuel cell products from its offices in Mississauga, Ont.