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B.C. Innovation Council funds green projects for over $800K

This year's honourees are developing clean tech solutions for transportation and industrial manufacturing

February 8, 2017  by Cleantech Canada Staff

VANCOUVER—The B.C. Innovation Council (BCIC), a provincial crown agency that funds market-driven innovation, announced Feb. 8 the winners for the second Ignite Awards, handed out to projects that bring economic and social value to society.

The two of the three projects honoured this year are providing environmentally friendly solutions to challenges in transportation and
industrial manufacturing.

One winner, Simon Pickup, CEO of Hydra Energy, is working with Dr. Steven Rogak, University of British Columbia, to develop innovations in Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine technology. Using low cost waste hydrogen, the technology aims to increase fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and decrease operational costs in dual-fuel heavy-duty truck fleets.

Another honouree, David Harvey, director of Axine Water Technologies, is working with Dr. Frank Van Veggel, University of Victoria, to develop novel electro-catalyst materials to enhance ammonia removal for proprietary industrial wastewater treatment systems.


Award criteria is based on commercial and technical viability, as well as the ability to be market ready within three years. Applicants must be a consortia that includes at least one academic member and an industry partner conducting research projects that address a significant demonstrated problem faced by industry.

BCIC is contributing $873,475 directly to these projects, but under the BCIC Ignite fundraising model, more than $2.6 million is being contributed to commercialize this research. BCIC Ignite requires applicants to leverage existing funds from industry and academia at a ratio of $2 matching dollars to $1 BCIC Ignite dollars.

More than $5 million, including leveraged funds, has been contributed to BCIC Ignite projects to date.

“B.C. is home to transformative research that can solve problems for markets around the world,” said Carl Anderson, president and CEO, B.C. Innovation Council.

“These projects at the BCIC Ignite Awards have the opportunity to change the world, from right here in B.C,” said Amrik Virk, B.C. minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services.