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Inflation likely slowed down, but economists say wage growth still a top concern

The performance of the Canadian labour market has been somewhat of a mystery to economists.

As the U.S. ends COVID-19 border and immigration rules, Canada is concerned

Customs and Border Protection would not say on May 11 how many of its agents had been diverted from northern sectors, but said it does not anticipate any impact on operations at the Canadian border.

Ont. launches EV GO bus service

As commuters travel on the new buses, the province will continue to evaluate feedback to help inform the potential future expansion of the program and the strategy to procure electric vehicles and low-carbon equipment.


Zinc8 Energy Solutions provides an update on the progress of their energy storage technology

Zinc8 has assessed the suitability of a facility in Kingston, New York, for product manufacturing. » Read More...

Health Canada releases advisory regarding misuse or modifications around lithium-ion batteries

The lithium-ion batteries found in e-mobility devices are larger and more powerful than those found in smaller products, and incidents involving these batteries can be more severe resulting in "thermal runaway." » Read More...

Supply chain study shows that visibility remains elusive for global logistics companies

A key finding from APAC On The Move 2023 is the extent to which end-to-end asset tracking and shipment visibility remain a challenge for logistics companies three years since the onset of the pandemic. » Read More...


[PODCAST] BlackBerry’s Shishir Singh, Executive VP and CTO talks cybersecurity for manufacturers

BlackBerry's CTO, Cybersecurity at BlackBerry, Shishir Singh talks about the upcoming cybersecurity challenges for manufacturers in 2023 and what the best defence is. » Listen here...


ESA compliance: What employers need to know about wages and laws for manufacturing workers

Many employers in the manufacturing industry regularly violate the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“ESA”), knowingly or unknowingly. » Read More...


We need to prepare for the public safety hazards posed by artificial intelligence

As the use of AI increases, there will be more adverse events caused by human error in AI models or technological failures in AI based technologies. » Read More...


Are Canada’s green corporate subsidies a new race to the bottom or a path to the top?

Proponents say these may be necessary for Canada to attract investment, especially in competition with the United States – but others are expressing doubts that the hefty handouts will be effective or efficient in the long run. » Read More...

Minnesota prepares for near total ban on ‘forever chemicals’

PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, have spread around the globe and don’t break down in the environment. » Read More...