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Volkswagen announces investment in Ontario

PowerCo will establish an electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing facility in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

Federal, provincial and territorial immigration Ministers plan for the future of Canada's immigration system

Ministers had conversations about settlement and integration efforts, Foreign Credential Recognition and Canada's humanitarian response to the developing situation in Ukraine.

Canadian industry supporting measures of Inflation Reduction Act

The federal government, for its part, has made clear that it intends to respond to the IRA and ensure Canada isn't left behind.


The Art and Science of Communicating with the Hourly Manufacturing Workforce

Clear, timely, and meaningful communication can impact productivity, safety, teamwork, conflict resolution, and engagement. Conversely, poor communication can be costly — resulting in lower productivity, quality issues, and customer dissatisfaction. In manufacturing, where hourly workers account for 78% of the workforce on average, communication is especially challenging. They may not have a company email address or ready access to a computer at work. This can make it challenging to engage in timely, ongoing communication with employees and foster a sense of community that drives engagement and loyalty. Discover the top barriers to effective communication, and how to overcome them.
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Ont. government tightening rules around mass layoffs

Under the proposed changes, employees who work solely from home would be eligible for the same enhanced notice as » Read More...

WestJet must ensure its plan will benefit workers and customers, with Sunwing acquisition approved

The union is calling on government to create a tri-partite committee including labour, government and the company to oversee the implementation of these conditions, ensuring accountability and follow-through. » Read More...

Couchiching First Nation awards environmental remediation project to SANEXEN

The project will return Couchiching First Nations land once used for heavy industrial purposes, to clean and safe land for use by the community. » Read More...


Advance: Women in Manufacturing 2023 powering the journey of women

The half-day virtual summit explored strategies to help women power their journey in Canada’s manufacturing industry. » Read More...


Field Notes: Canadian International Auto Show highlights Canadian-made Project Arrow

With Canada facing an unprecedented labour shortage, the hope is that Project Arrow elicits interest from other major automotive makers to invest in Canada. » Read More...


To improve drinking water quality in First Nation communities, a collaborative approach is important

Water sharing arrangements, like the proposed one between the Oneida Nation of the Thames and the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System, have the potential to enhance water security, but they require strong communication and co-ordination between community leaders in addition to adequate financial support. » Read More...


Addressing cybercrime in your business

Cybercrime is a clear and present danger in the modern manufacturing landscape. This article discusses how organizations can effectively prepare for digital attacks, examine response strategies, and identify resources that businesses can use to recover. » Read More...

Volkswagen to build EV battery plant in southwest Ontario

Ontario’s economic development minister stood on the roof of a Volkswagen facility in Germany in October, overlooking a sprawling electric vehicle battery plant under construction, and had a “good feeling” the province could soon land one of its own. » Read More...