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Unifor announces tentative deal with CN Autoport, vote to take place

The facility handles nearly 185,000 vehicles every year. Virtually all are from European manufacturers, including BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

West Fraser and Mercer announce dissolution of Cariboo Pulp and Paper

West Fraser will continue as the sole owner/operator of the mill, doing business as Cariboo Pulp and Paper Company.


Invest in Manchester, UK. Accelerating Advanced Manufacturing Innovation

Whether you are looking for a laboratory for testing or large-scale manufacturing, Manchester has the infrastructure in place to support innovation, business growth and commercialisation. From research and development, architectural services and civil construction; to assembly, distribution, consultancy and skills, get in touch with MIDAS, Manchester’s Inward Investment Agency to find out more.
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DeepSight – Réalité Augmentée and IBM develop a training tool for the mfg. workforce

The new partnership integrates IBM’s advanced AI technology into DeepSight’s AR-powered learning platform to support manufacturing businesses train the next generation of operators. » Read More...

Hyundai Motor and Kia's DAL-e robot arrives, aims to improve autonomous delivery

This robot, based on the delivery robot introduced in December 2022, is expected to improve delivery performance, particularly in complex settings, such as offices and shopping malls. » Read More...

LeadDriver+: Precision Marketing. Unmatched Conversions. Your Success, Amplified

Ignite the potential of LeadDriver+ for precision marketing, driving brand engagement and conversions. Supported by Annex Business Media, our first-party data approach transforms marketing strategies. Elevate your game with targeted, first party data and omnichannel impact.
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Podcast: VueReal Inc.'s Reza Chaji sits down to talk microLED displays and his advanced mfg. ambitions

VueReal is involved in the manufacturing of advanced microLED displays, using novel transfer technology to create displays that use less energy and are more sustainable for the environment. » Listen here...


Attracting and retaining Gen Z and Gen Y talent: A vital imperative for Canada's mfg. industry

As Canada's manufacturing industry navigates the complexities of a rapidly evolving landscape, the imperative to attract and retain Gen Z and Gen Y talent cannot be overstated. » Read more...


Stock markets signal a growing gap between Canadian and American clean tech firms

Clean tech has much better prospects in the U.S., while oil and gas firms in Canada may outlast their American counterparts. » Read more...


Stellantis recalls over 10,000 cars in Canada over faulty airbags

The automaker says that moisture may get into the inflators due to a manufacturing defect and cause corrosion and cracks, while the airbags can inflate even without a crash due to high temperatures in the cabin. » Read More...

B.C. funds project to extract minerals, metals while reducing environmental impacts

Energy and Mines Minister Josie Osborne says the company is demonstrating the kind of innovative thinking that could transform mining around the world. » Read More...