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U.S. debt limit looming, may have spillover effects for Canada

Experts say a default would spell disaster for the domestic economy, with dramatic spillover effects for allies, such as Canada, whose own economic fortunes are closely tied to the U.S.

Hyundai and Kia thefts keep rising despite reported security fix

Across the U.S., thieves are still driving off with the vehicles at an alarming rate.

New national framework intended to help individuals enter the workforce faster

PLAR has the potential to streamline skills upgrading, reduce the training time and cost for learners, and where necessary, identify targeted training to address the knowledge and skills lacking.

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Driving Canada And The Rest Of The World

No matter where you are located in Canada, SEW-EURODRIVE is there for you stocking more product inventory than all our competitors combined, keeping you up and running.


Nova Bus wins bid for order of electric buses in Que.

The LFSe+ frames for this order will be built at Saint-François-du-Lac and the buses will be assembled at the Saint-Eustache facility, in Québec. » Read More...

ventureLAB CEO Melissa Chee to step down

Melissa was also involved in elevating Canada’s role in the global semiconductor industry and creating the organization’s blueprint to build a more inclusive tech sector. » Read More...

Chinova Bioworks announces that its Chiber™ product has been included in Whole Foods Market's approved ingredient list

Chiber™ is a natural fiber extracted from white button mushrooms that extends the shelf-life of food and beverage products. » Read More...


[PODCAST] BlackBerry’s Shishir Singh, Executive VP and CTO talks cybersecurity for manufacturers

BlackBerry's CTO, Cybersecurity at BlackBerry, Shishir Singh talks about the upcoming cybersecurity challenges for manufacturers in 2023 and what the best defence is. » Listen here...


ESA compliance: What employers need to know about wages and laws for manufacturing workers

Many employers in the manufacturing industry regularly violate the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“ESA”), knowingly or unknowingly. » Read More...


Canadian airlines brace for a summer of change as U.S. airlines consider reforms

Canadians’ patience with the actions of various organizations in Canada’s aviation sector has been wearing thin. » Read More...


Skilled Labourer - Carpentry, 1797 Glanworth Drive, London, ON, N6N 1H2

Roles and responsibilities include someone who will be responsible for assisting with the production of PVC/Vinyl Columns and Garage Door Frames. » Read More...

Maintenance Supervisor, 1631 Dickson Avenue, 1631 Dickson Ave, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 0B5

Reporting to the Director, Production Operations, the Maintenance Supervisor will be responsible for ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of our electronic products. » Read More...