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Unifor auto talks: a quiet end to one of the year's biggest labour clashes

The result was a deal that secured base wage gains for production workers of nearly 20 per cent, along with a long list of other improvements including to pensions, job security, a faster path to seniority, bonus pay and more vacation days.

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Zebra desktop, mobile and industrial printers are known for their rugged and durable design, which makes them ideal for use in harsh environments. The Zebra printers can print at high speeds and can handle high volume print requirements making them suitable for businesses with heavy printing requirements. These printers can handle a variety of print media, including labels, tags, and wristbands. Zebra Technology printers are simple to use and require little to no training. These printers easily integrate with various software platforms, making them suitable for businesses that use different types of systems for labeling, tracking, and printing.
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HEC Montréal's Tech3Lab to receive $18M over five years

The financial support will boost UX innovation and accelerate digital transformation in organizations. » Read More...

Frontier Lithium receives funding from government of Ontario for lithium processing research

The NOHFC grant will enable the construction of a facility that will demonstrate processes targeted at the conversion of sodium sulfate by-products to achieve a closed-loop system for lithium salt production. » Read More...


Canadian manufacturing success stories: companies making waves in global markets

From aerospace to renewable energy, a spotlight on Canadian industry giants influencing global markets. » Read more...


Cibus Tec in Parma, Italy; the technological hub for food and beverage

Industry themes, start-ups, demonstrative units, and virtual reality. » Read More...


How sustainable, liveable and resilient housing can help us adapt to a changing future

Sustainable housing provides significantly improved environmental performance compared to most current housing » Read More...


Biden celebrates a labour deal saving an Illinois auto plant as he promotes a worker centred economy

President Joe Biden went to Chicago on June 28 to give a landmark speech on “Bidenomics,” only to learn in private during the trip about a soon-to-close auto factory, news that was a challenge to his vision for the country. » Read More...

Linamar reports net income of $146.7 million in third quarter

Linamar Corp. says it sales and income got a boost in the third quarter thanks in part to its diversification efforts away from contracts reliant on gasoline-powered vehicles. » Read More...