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SMEs raised prices by more than 10 percent in 2022 to offset costs, survey finds

Some of the other pressures most acutely facing small firms right now are labour supply and cost, borrowing costs and supply chain issues.

Vancouver port traffic dips in 2022, signalling towards a recesssion

Container traffic in Canada has continued to drop off as Canadians tighten budgets amid higher interest rates and ongoing inflation.

Chinese EV brands expanding to global markets

BYD Auto is part of a wave of Chinese electric car exporters that are starting to compete with Western and Japanese brands in their home markets.

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Experience Italian Innovation “Turned Into Productivity” Via Complimentary Trips To Italy With Machines Italia

Machines Italia provides qualifying North American buyers with an opportunity to experience the latest in Italian technology and innovation with complimentary trips to Italy to international trade shows and events such as DECORTECH (surface treatment technology - June 13–14, 2023), MARMOMAC (Stone technologies - September 26–29, 2023), Maker Faire Rome (Startups and artisan manufacturing - October 20–22, 2023), BIAT (Innovative technologies in various sectors - 2023), PLAST (Plastic and rubber technologies - November 5–8, 2023), 34.BI-MU (Metalworking technologies - October 9–12, 2024), XYLEXPO (Woodworking technologies - October 12–15, 2024), EIMA (Agriculture machinery - November 6–10, 2024), SIMEI (Winemaking technologies - November 12–15, 2024) and more.
» Visit machinesitalia.org for upcoming opportunities in 2023 and 2024

York University announces $318.4M investment in technology research initiative together with Queen's University

Researchers will examine the ways in which emerging technology, like Artificial Intelligence, is transforming and entangling society – dubbed the ‘techno-social collective.’ » Read More...

Albert Labs receives preliminary acceptance for its manufacturing technology

Led by Ali Gulamhusein, Dr. Jean Saayman, and Chand Jagpal, the Albert Labs team has validated a proprietary manufacturing technology that facilitates the production and scaling of highly potent yields of fungi biomass. » Read More...

Second annual Battery Electric Vehicle confereence to take place

The conference will be held May 31 and June 1, 2023, at Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology, a research college for industrial Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) research and technology. » Read More...


Manufacturers react to the proposed Ont. and federal budgets

Manufacturers across industries react with optimism to the proposed Ontario and federal government budgets tabled last month, offering tax credits and benefits for cleantech initiatives. » Listen Here...


How to prepare samples with laser micro-machining

The sample preparation process will be faster if you use physical techniques like cutting and sawing to remove material in the centimetre range first. » Read more...


Canada’s federal transfer payment system badly needs a tune-up

Recent reports suggest that the federal government quietly extended the current equalization formula first adopted 15 years ago until 2029. » Read More...


Alberta invests $58M in circular economy projects

Producing fertilizer for farmers, recycling asphalt from roof shingles, sequestering carbon in concrete, and novel plastics recycling are some examples of the technology solutions receiving funding through ERA’s Circular Economy Challenge. » Read More...

PMI slips back into contraction territory during March, says S&P Global

After accounting for seasonal factors, the S&P Global Canada Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) registered 48.6, down noticeably from 52.4 in February. » Read More...