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Ont. introducing new policy to promote the skilled trades and alleviate labour shortage

As the demand for skilled workers in the construction and manufacturing sector is set to grow significantly over the next decade, the government is trying to take action to ensure the province has the tradespeople needed to build Ontario.

Loblaw raises quarterly dividend by 15% amid strong Q1 performance

Revenue for the quarter totalled $13.58 billion, up from $13.00 billion a year earlier.

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Looking for trained, confident, and productive first-year apprentices?

CCDC is looking for employer partners to sponsor our program graduates for a four-week minimum job placement as first-year apprentices! Each TTE program provides students with two weeks of basic skills and safety training and is designed to give students the skills and confidence of a first-year apprentice. This training is provided to the students at no-cost to the employer partner!
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Vention launches new products to support robotics deployments in factories

The release of Vention's MachineLogic new code-free programming instructions reportedly simplifies how users program robot arms and all adjacent devices in a robotic cell. » Read More...

Magna International Inc. wins distinction

In addition to the PACE Award, Magna received two PACEpilot Innovation to Watch recognitions for the company’s EcoSphere(TM) 100% Melt-Recyclable Foam and Trim and Modular & Scalable Active Grille Shutter Assembly. » Read More...


Canadian Manufacturing’s top 5 quotes from the quarter, 2024

Interviews with manufacturing leaders reveal new areas of focus as businesses try and stay competitive amid inflation, trade regulations and other issues. » Read more...


Clarius Mobile Health’s grand plans

Clarius Mobile Health's Canadian-made handheld devices are challenging the traditional ultrasound market with a slew of new ideas. » Read more...


May Day 2024: Workers on a warming planet deserve stronger labour protections

From fields to fryers, a warming planet is intensifying occupational health and safety threats to low-wage workers across the food chain. » Listen here...


Honda to get up to $5B in government assistance for EV battery, assembly plants

The plan – which includes up to $5 billion in public funds – is expected to see the two main plants create 1,000 jobs on top of retaining the existing 4,200 jobs at the assembly plant. » Read More...

How acquisitions can help expand production capacity

Truck manufacturer Gincor Werx acquires Wiltsie Truck Bodies. » Read More...