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Federal government releases national plan to create clean power for EV transition

The paper invites Canadians to join an important national conversation that will inform the development of Canada's first Clean Electricity Strategy to be released in 2024.

Federal government announces investment in ship manufacturing infrastructure

This investment is expected to create or maintain over 800 jobs annually across various industries in the Canadian economy during the work period.

Cdn. government announces less red tape for businesses that protect TFWs

REP is a three-year initiative that will help to address labour shortages and reduce the administrative burden for repeat employers participating in the program who demonstrate a history of complying with program requirements.


General Fusion announces funding to build a new machine targeting breakeven by 2026

Over the next two to three years, General Fusion will work closely with the UK Atomic Energy Authority to validate the data gathered from LM26. » Read More...

Coors launches a grant program to help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses

Coors Original is looking for businesses that are founded in Canada and have the potential to make a lasting impact on their communities. » Read More...

Deep Sky secures access to Exterra Carbon Solutions' carbon storage pilot

The plant in Southern Quebec will be completed in H2 2024, sequester up to 1,000 tons of CO2 annually, and validate the end-to-end carbon removal solution ahead of a commercial rollout across Canada. » Read More...


[SPONSORED] AI: Empowering the manufacturing workforce of the future

For manufacturers, the introduction of AI will reshape the source of value creation, the formation of new business models and the delivery of value-added services such as mass customization and predictive maintenance. » Read More...


Tersa Earth technology set to improve EV manufacturing supply chain

The biotech start-up has heavy implications for the Canadian manufacturing industry, where many carmakers have begun buying mining rights in various regions to secure supplies of lithium in the EV race. » Listen Here...


Canadians are unprepared for natural hazards. Here’s what we can do about it

The 2023 federal government budget proposed $15.3 million to create a publicly accessible online portal where Canadians can access information about their exposure to floods. » Read More...


Ontic appoints new VP of revenue management

Asenei will be responsible for leading, continuing to develop and improving Ontic’s global revenue management processes. » Read More...

Q&A with CEO of Skills Ontario

Plant spoke with Ian T. Howcroft, CEO, at Skills Ontario about what the association does, and what it sees as in-demand skills and why training is important. » Read More...