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Ont. welcomes a $102.3M investment from Mitsui High-tec (Canada), Inc. to manufacture motor cores

The Ont. government is investing $3.1 million through Invest Ontario in Mitsui High-tec (Canada), Inc. as well.

Unifor serves Detroit Three automakers with notice to bargain

The union will open bargaining with D3 automakers on August 10 in Toronto.

North American trade pact sees rise in optimism for U.S. and Mexican mfg. workers

Complicating any effort to calculate the USMCA's impact is President Joe Biden's own aggressive efforts to rejuvenate American industry with trillions of dollars in infrastructure spending and subsidies.

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Canada invests close to $13M in Lower Mainland businesses

Seven local businesses in zero waste and clean tech industries will receive funding to commercialize technology, expand their operations and reach new markets. » Read More...

Geotab study shows a rise in commercial EV and technology adoption helping companies reach sustainability goals

Challenging market conditions, including fluctuating fuel prices, high maintenance costs and supply chain issues, place continued pressure on fleets. » Read More...

Ont. announces $2.9M in funding for Numesh's manufacturing investment

Numesh’s $39.9 million investment will be used to expand to Ontario by transferring some of the company’s existing business in Quebec. » Read More...
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North American Leaders’ Summit 2023: The Importance of Manufacturing in Mexico

The North American Leaders’ Summit in 2023 provided the ideal forum for the three leaders to raise the level of integration in the region and make progress on the most pressing issues affecting the three countries related to trade, investment, security, and climate change, among others. Learn about the importance of Mexico’s manufacturing industry in the economic development of North America, its recent growth, and its importance for foreign companies in this article written by Alejandro Lara Cruz, Director of the American Industries® Group.
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2024 Advanced Manufacturing survey launches, Cdn. manufacturers can respond

The survey's findings will be developed into an in-depth report to help manufacturers prognosticate the challenges and solutions around implementing Industry 4.0 technologies. » Read More...


Trade shows proving to be fertile ground for prospecting York Region

Regional municipalities will need to compete against U.S. states and other industries for top-end talent in the manufacturing sector, and York Region’s Jonathan Wheatle believes Southern Ont. has an edge. » Read More...


[SPONSORED] Why data-driven manufacturers have all the answers with centralized ERP analytics

As more and more manufacturers embark on digital transformation initiatives to futureproof their operations, the need to manage vast volumes of data and become data driven is paramount. » Read More...


TMMC earns J.D. Power Plant Quality Award

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (TMMC) won a J.D. Power Plant Quality Award in the J.D. Power 2023 Initial Quality Study. » Read More...

Enbridge ‘must cease’ Line 5 operations on Bad River land by June 2026: judge

Calgary-based Enbridge Energy Inc., the pipeline’s owner, had asked Wisconsin district court Judge William Conley to clarify his order earlier this month giving the company just three years to relocate that section of the pipeline. » Read More...