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Micro-mobility on the rise, policymakers and regulators try and keep up

Academics and doctors are also scrutinizing the opportunities and the safety challenges that micro mobility devices present.

BoC is expected to hold interest rate

While announcing its eighth consecutive rate hike in January, the Bank of Canada said it would take a conditional pause to allow the economy time to react to higher borrowing costs.

Canada invests in research hubs to accelerate Canada's vaccine and therapeutics production

These Canadian research hubs were selected through a two-step review process that assessed the scientific merit and strategic alignment of the hub proposals with the strategy.


Propel your Business Forward with the Right Manufacturing Tech Stack

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PacifiCan announces $233K for young entrepreneurs and youth in B.C.

The funding announced will go towards delivering YELL classes in five northern British Columbia communities. » Read More...

Three Sixty Solar reports on tower benefits and durability

The conclusions are based on an internal study by Three Sixty on its demonstration tower in Kelowna, BC, Canada. » Read More...

Canadian beer manufacturer announces new products

Waterloo Brewing says their portfolio includes a wide array of styles and flavours, which will become more diverse with new additions. » Read More...


The art and science of communicating with the hourly manufacturing workforce

Improve communications to engage and retain hourly manufacturing workers for better business results. » Read More...


Q&A with NGen CEO Jayson Myers

NGen received an investment of $177 million from the Government of Canada to advance Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing » Read More...


Protecting privacy online begins with tackling ‘digital resignation’

Public knowledge is lacking when it comes to how data is collected. Research shows that corporations both cultivate feelings of resignation and exploit this lack of literacy to normalize the practice of maximizing the amount of data collected. » Read More...


EV future takes centre stage

The EV Innovation and Technology Conference 2023 took place at the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation on the campus of Humber College. » Read More...

Nevada board to vote on $330M in additional Tesla tax breaks

Tesla may receive over $300 million in tax abatements over the next two decades for a massive new expansion of its northern Nevada facility. » Read More...