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Federal government announces support for Michelin's $300M project in Nova Scotia

Pending a final agreement, Michelin could receive up to $44.3 million in federal funding through the Strategic Innovation Fund.

Canadian dairy plant becomes a symbol for Ukrainian farmers

The $3-million dairy plant, funded by Global Affairs Canada, will produce milk, yogurt, sour cream and hard and soft cheeses using milk from the local dairy co-ops.

KPMG survey says most businesses won't reach climate goals without more government support

The survey of 505 medium-sized enterprises reveals that most believe government needs to do more to compete with new U.S. and European Union green tax legislation.


The Art and Science of Communicating with the Hourly Manufacturing Workforce

Clear, timely, and meaningful communication can impact productivity, safety, teamwork, conflict resolution, and engagement. Conversely, poor communication can be costly — resulting in lower productivity, quality issues, and customer dissatisfaction. In manufacturing, where hourly workers account for 78% of the workforce on average, communication is especially challenging. They may not have a company email address or ready access to a computer at work. This can make it challenging to engage in timely, ongoing communication with employees and foster a sense of community that drives engagement and loyalty. Discover the top barriers to effective communication, and how to overcome them.
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NEXE Innovations provides update on its Windsor manufacturing facility

NEXE commissioned key equipment at its Windsor Facility for producing food-grade components for its proprietary single-serve beverage pods. » Read More...

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. awarded funding from the Downsview Aerospace Innovation and Research (DAIR) Green Fund

The DAIR Green Fund provides financial support for collaborative projects that can demonstrate an impact on the future of aerospace through sustainable and green aviation technologies and solutions. » Read More...

Montreal Port Authority appoints Nathalie Pilon as new Chair of the Board of Directors

Nathalie Pilon was President of ABB in Canada, member of the Executive Board of ABB Americas and President of Thomas & Betts Canada. » Read More...


What are the best ways to reduce food processing waste in manufacturing?

Food manufacturers can communicate with supply chains to see what communities or sectors could use leftovers. » Read More...


Advance: Women in Manufacturing 2023 powering the journey of women

The half-day virtual summit explored strategies to help women power their journey in Canada’s manufacturing industry. » Read More...


Drones gather new and useful data for marine research, but they can disturb whales and dolphins

These responses appeared to be particularly common when the drone was flown at low altitudes, around 20 meters above the water. » Read More...


Ottawa company teaching autonomous vehicles to ‘see’ snow, drive in bad weather

Drivers for Sensor Cortek get behind the wheel of a car covered in sensors from bumper to rooftop and hit the road in order to solve one of Canada’s biggest roadblocks to autonomous vehicle adoption: snow. » Read More...

US adds a robust 311,000 jobs despite Fed’s rate hikes

The unemployment rate rose to 3.6%, from a 53-year low of 3.4%, as more Americans began searching for work but not all of them found jobs. » Read More...