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Businesses expect slower sales in the short term as labour shortage persists: survey findings

The retail, accommodation and food services sector, along with wholesale trade, construction and manufacturing sectors, reported feeling the most impacted by ongoing price pressures.

Canadian grocery shoppers say grocers and food producers are using inflation as an excuse to price gouge

Three-quarters of shoppers (73 per cent) say food inflation is causing them additional stress, highlighting the need for grocery stores and food manufacturers to address this concern.

Inflation easing but federal government faces pressure to help those worse off

The federal government has signalled the budget will include affordability measures to help Canadians still challenged by the cost of living.


The Art and Science of Communicating with the Hourly Manufacturing Workforce

Clear, timely, and meaningful communication can impact productivity, safety, teamwork, conflict resolution, and engagement. Conversely, poor communication can be costly — resulting in lower productivity, quality issues, and customer dissatisfaction. In manufacturing, where hourly workers account for 78% of the workforce on average, communication is especially challenging. They may not have a company email address or ready access to a computer at work. This can make it challenging to engage in timely, ongoing communication with employees and foster a sense of community that drives engagement and loyalty. Discover the top barriers to effective communication, and how to overcome them.
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Government of Canada to host the Diversifying the Federal Supply Chain Summit

The Summit is intended to help increase diversity in the federal supply chain. » Read More...

CATL presents liquid-cooling CTP energy storage solutions at World Smart Energy Week

CATL will showcase EnerOne, its outdoor liquid-cooling BESS, and EnerC, its containerized liquid-cooling BESS at its booth. » Read More...

PrairiesCan invests in business growth across Saskatchewan

180 jobs supported through PrairiesCan investments of over $10.2 million in agri-food and advanced manufacturing innovation, and community revitalization. » Read More...


What are the best ways to reduce food processing waste in manufacturing?

Food manufacturers can communicate with supply chains to see what communities or sectors could use leftovers. » Read More...


Advance: Women in Manufacturing 2023 powering the journey of women

The half-day virtual summit explored strategies to help women power their journey in Canada’s manufacturing industry. » Read More...


The AI arms race highlights the urgent need for responsible innovation

ChatGPT’s definition is accurate, but bereft of context. Whose ideas are these and how are they being implemented? Put otherwise, who is responsible for responsible innovation? » Read More...


Statistics Canada says manufacturing sales rose 4.1 per cent in January

tatistics Canada says manufacturing sales rose 4.1 per cent to $73.9 billion in January, powered by gains in motor vehicle and petroleum and coal products sales. » Read More...

Dorel reports growing losses amid reduced orders from retailers, price discounting

Dorel Industries Inc. reported its net loss from continuing operations grew in the fourth quarter amid lower U.S. sales in its children’s products and home furnishings divisions. » Read More...