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U.S. briefs Canada after intelligence leak and Russian-backed hackers accessed Canada's natural gas infrastructure

U.S. officials have acknowledged publicly that gaining access to a network and maintaining it, without necessarily taking action, is a tactic common to Russian-backed hacking efforts.

UBC Canadian District calls for government help on industry tax fraud

The UBC Canadian District's call for partnership to address construction industry tax fraud extends to governments and other skilled trades across the country.

EPA regulations in the U.S. are expected to drive massive increase in EV sales

With electric vehicles accounting for just 7.2% of U.S. vehicle sales in the first quarter of this year, the industry has a long way to go to even approach the administration's targets.

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One Tough Sandpaper. One Smooth Finish

GATOR Finishing Products are designed for both professional and DIY customers. GATOR offers a wide variety of performance designed, durable, and high-quality abrasives including sandpaper sheets, fiber discs, sanding belts, sanding sponges, and our unique line of Zip® sanding products. GATOR products are easy to use, durable and 100% made in North America. 

Whether you are hand or power sanding, cutting & grinding or even refinishing your floors … you are sure to find just the right combination of abrasives and tools to help you Sand With Confidence™ from Gator® Finishing.
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Ford's Oakville, Ont. manufacturing plant prepares to build EVs, $1.8B transformation begins in 2024

The campus, to be renamed Oakville Electric Vehicle Complex, will begin to retool and modernize in the second quarter of 2024 to prepare for production of next-generation EVs. » Read More...

Omy Laboratoires secures $11M financing round to help expand into U.S. market

Omy's SkinAI technology analyzes customers' skin to make personalized dermo-cosmetic products that promote the health of any skin type. » Read More...

BRP opens its European design and innovation centre in France

The Centre, which will carry out advanced concept studies on sustainable urban mobility, will play a leading role in BRP's global electrification strategy. » Read More...


Modern Forecasting Technology: Changing the game for manufacturers

Using a cloud-based system, you can collect data from disjointed ERPs, organize it to provide a single source of truth, and put it to work. » Read More...


ventureLAB’s Future of Women in Tech event highlights work to be done in semiconductor industry

The event was meant to highlight women in STEM who have advanced their careers, and the important work being done to help hire and promote more women into leadership positions. » Read More...


The mechanical challenges of PCBA manufacturing and assembly

Manufacturers rely heavily on automated equipment and robotic machinery to perform assembly tasks when it comes to creating circuit boards. » Read More...


Auto Weld / Manufacturing, 85 Morrow Road, Barrie, ON, L4N 3V7

Under the guidance of the Shift Supervisor, the duties include but are not limited to transporting rolls of fabric, reviewing of specification sheets, machine setup, overseeing the auto-weld and auto-seam machine for fabricating filter bags. » Read More...

Grinding Room/Material Handler Operator, 6507 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, ON, L5N 8C4

The primary responsibility is to execute and control the material grinding process, ensuring that all re-usable product meets the standards outlined in the company’s quality plans. » Read More...