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Grocery CEOs deny all accusations, say profit mongering is not an issue

All three companies posted higher profits in the first half of 2022 compared to their average performance over the past five years.

Nissan reducing their EV costs, cuts rare materials use

The company said development and manufacturing costs will be reduced by 30% in 2026 compared to 2019 levels.

Cyber attack hits engineering firm with contracts tied to power plants and industrial infrastructure

Cybersecurity officials inside and outside government have been warning for years about the need to strengthen Canada's cyber defences when it comes to critical infrastructure.


Propel your Business Forward with the Right Manufacturing Tech Stack

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Agro-100 new facility produces liquid fertilizers and biostimulants

The facility uses a water recovery system that reduces freshwater use. » Read More...

GreenPower delivers electric EV Star Refrigerated Box Trucks

The vehicle has a payload of up to 5,000 pounds and consists of an energy efficient cooling system, a 16-foot insulated and lined box and a liftgate. » Read More...

Solace Power showcases wireless products that can be used in manufacturing facilities

LINXC™ 5G LiFi Bridge is a concept that reduces the complexity of 5G fixed wireless access deployment, extending 5G mmWave capabilities to home and office spaces through windows, » Read More...


The art and science of communicating with the hourly manufacturing workforce

Improve communications to engage and retain hourly manufacturing workers for better business results. » Read More...


Advance: Women in Manufacturing 2023 powering the journey of women

The half-day virtual summit explored strategies to help women power their journey in Canada’s manufacturing industry. » Read More...


Field Notes: Canadian International Auto Show highlights Canadian-made Project Arrow

With Canada facing an unprecedented labour shortage, the hope is that Project Arrow elicits interest from other major automotive makers to invest in Canada. » Read More...


U.S. President Joe Biden’s long awaited Canada visit to happen March 23 24

U.S. President Joe Biden will travel to Ottawa on March 23 to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Canadian soil, his first visit north of the border since taking the oath of office in 2021. » Read More...

Dutch government to restrict sales of processor chip tech

The Dutch government announced Wednesday that it is planning on imposing additional restrictions on the export of machines that make advanced processor chips, joining a U.S. push that aims at limiting China’s access to materials used to make such chips. » Read More...