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Global inflation pressures could become harder to manage in coming years, research suggests

Despite all the changes, U.S. imports reached an all-time high in 2022, suggesting that overall trade has remained high.

Vietnam lifts restrictions on Canadian cereals exports

Creeping thistle removed from quarantine pest list.

Energy interests and environmentalists fight Biden oil lease plan from different sides

In a news release, the organizations say the lease sale violates the National Environmental Policy.

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HSBC is made for trade.

We can help your business grow your sales and distribution chain. With innovative solutions and global trade expertise, we were made for trade.

#WeKnowYourWorld » Learn more

Kia partner, The Ocean Cleanup, delivers 55-ton ocean plastic haul

Kia will use a proportion of the material in future models. » Read More...

Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange and Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst partner in $10M program to fuel cybersecurity innovation in Ontario

This initiative drives the use of critical technologies by Ontario companies and enables the development and adoption of innovative made-in-Ontario solutions. » Read More...

Cloverdale Paint has expanded its operations in British Columbia

These investments in Cloverdale Paint's operations will allow the company to continue its market expansion across Canada. » Read More...
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ERP Plays a Role in Your Success

Live Events
September 11 & 12, Alberta Seminars
Take Back Manufacturing
Hamptons Golf Club, Northern Bear Golf Club

October 4, Ontario Seminar
Future-Ready Your Business and Outperform Your Competition
Royal Ontario Golf Club

Live seminar events held at 3 locations for Manufacturers and Distributors that are interested in ERP Solutions. » Learn more


Pilz Canada marks ten years of operation

One of the hopes Thomas harbours for the future is the increased success and growth of Pilz’s new PITmode Access Management System, which manages safety and security for a machine operator. » Read More...


[SPONSORED] AI: Empowering the manufacturing workforce of the future

For manufacturers, the introduction of AI will reshape the source of value creation, the formation of new business models and the delivery of value-added services such as mass customization and predictive maintenance. » Listen Here...


AI is reshaping the workplace – but what does it mean for the health and well-being of workers?

Throughout history, periods of technological transformation have introduced new tools to workplaces and altered working conditions in ways that have impacted worker health in both positive and negative ways. » Read More...


Unifor Detroit Three autoworkers vote for strike mandate, mirrors U.S. counterpart

Canadian and U.S. autoworkers are both negotiating with the Detroit Three carmakers simultaneously for the first time in 25 years, creating the potential for a co-ordinated strike against one of the major producers. » Read More...

Biden is ‘old,’ Trump is ‘corrupt’: AP NORC poll has ominous signs for both in possible 2024 rematch

Those are among the top terms Americans use when they’re asked to describe the Democrat in the White House and the Republican best positioned to face him in next year’s election. » Read More...