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Forcen raises $8.35M to enable robotics manufacturing and research

Forcen will use this investment to scale up prototype production facilities to support more customers and continue developing its force/torque sensing technology.

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A bird’s-eye view of the supply chain

Combining ERP and supply chain management (SCM) software into a single technology solution helps manufacturers manage growth and navigate challenges.


MDA Space strike continues

MDA Space, the future home of the Canadarm3 and a key player in NASA's lunar Gateway space station project, has been awarded substantial contracts. » Read More...

Northstar receives first delivery of asphalt shingles from Ecco Recycling

This first delivery from Ecco Recycling is part of Northstar's broader 2024 shingle collection plan. » Read More...


Clarius Mobile Health’s grand plans

Clarius Mobile's Canadian-made handheld devices are challenging the traditional ultrasound market with a slew of new ideas. » Read more...


Podcast: VueReal Inc.'s Reza Chaji sits down to talk microLED displays and his advanced mfg. ambitions

VueReal is involved in the manufacturing of advanced microLED displays, using novel transfer technology to create displays that use less energy and are more sustainable for the environment. » Listen here...


Websites deceive users by deliberately hiding the extent of data collection and sharing

Websites use a variety of techniques to keep users from understanding the true level of information sharing and its privacy implications. » Read more...


Redefining the landscape

Turning the tides on labour shortages in Canadian manufacturing » Read More...

General Fusion partners with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories on commercial power plant design

General Fusion has launched a new project in collaboration with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) to advance the design of its commercial fusion power plant. » Read More...