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Federal government set to release budget on Mar. 28

The Liberals are expected to invest considerably in Canada's clean energy transition, in an attempt to keep Canada competitive with the United States as it launches its own aggressive measures.

U.S. ambassador also believes Biden's visit to Ottawa a triumph for both parties

The two countries also outlined on Mar. 24th an ambitious vision for a robust and reliable supply chain on critical minerals.

Ont. government announces expansion of Investing in Women's Futures program

The Investing in Women’s Futures program provides a range of flexible services and employment readiness supports for women facing social and economic barriers.


VueReal Inc. announces a $40M investment in Ontario

Supported by $10.5 million in federal and provincial funding, VueReal’s expansion will create new jobs in Waterloo Region. » Read More...

CIB loans $277M towards biorefinery and Canada's largest electrolyzer

Facility to convert 200,000 tonnes of waste into biofuels and circular chemicals annually. » Read More...

The Body Shop Canada expands its refill program

Refill stations are now available in 800 stores around the world, 91 of which are in Canada accounting for 88 per cent of the Canadian estate. » Read More...


Field Notes: ProMat 2023 returns, manufacturers hoping to stand out

The event features exhibits from more than 1,000 global manufacturers and supply chain companies, across 560,000 square feet, which is much larger than any previous in-person iteration. » Read More...


What are the best ways to reduce food processing waste in manufacturing?

Food manufacturers can communicate with supply chains to see what communities or sectors could use leftovers. » Read More...


Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are missing the bigger picture about migrant border crossings

Raising public awareness about the issues surrounding migration has been a critical part of civil society activism on refugee issues in recent years. » Read More...


All 7 Pennsylvania chocolate factory explosion victims found

West Reading Mayor Samantha Kaag said in a statement Sunday night that none of the victims will be named until officials are certain that all families have been contacted. » Read More...

Challenger wins close race to lead United Auto Workers union

A challenger defeated the president of the United Auto Workers in a close election and vowed Saturday to take a more confrontational stance in negotiating with the big automakers. » Read More...