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Federal Government and FCM invest in energy-saving solutions in Hamilton

If successful, the project could provide enough heat for more than 80 million square feet of building space.

Alberta CEOs in Ottawa to find common ground on energy, climate and economy

The province is also strongly opposed to the federal government's promised cap on emissions from the oil and gas sector, which is expected to be unveiled soon.

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HSBC is made for trade.

We can help your business achieve working capital efficiencies. With innovative solutions and global trade expertise, we were made for trade.

#WeKnowYourWorld » Learn more

Report highlights importance of digital transformation and connectivity to meeting Canada's sustainability goals

In examining how digital transformation can drive both productivity and sustainability, Accenture focused on three of Canada's industries, the oil and gas, mining, and agriculture sectors. » Read More...

Interim CEO announced for Workplace Safety North

The Board of Directors will initiate a search to identify a permanent CEO. » Read More...
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Your Business in Motion - How do you manage your Material Handling hazards?

Unsure where to start?

Take advantage of the tools, resources and expertise that WSPS can provide.

We can help identify risks and take action to prevent possible injury or illness, keeping your employees safe and your business in compliance.

Download our free Material Handling hazard tools and resources today! » WSPS CAN HELP


ESG bonuses are on the rise: Are they improving sustainability or just increasing executive wealth?

While such incentives can enhance a firm’s ESG performance, they also present an opportunity for executives to obtain bigger bonuses under the illusion of “doing good.” » Read More...


How Canada can make its startup ecosystem more inclusive

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, helping marginalized groups start their own businesses will result in significant economic and social benefits. » Listen Here...

Ontario’s Greenbelt is safe for now, but will the scandal alter Doug Ford’s course?

The Greenbelt debacle has demonstrated how that system had degenerated into an instrument wielded by the province to serve the wishes of well-connected developers. » Read More...


IEC safety contactors and motor controls

WEG Electric CWBS series IEC safety contactors control electrical power in industrial and commercial applications. » Read More...

Modular circuit protectors

Gladiator GECP series modular 12/24 VDC circuit protectors offer both fixed trip current versions and a version with an adjustable trip current range and adjustable trip characteristics. » Read More...