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Canada invests $2 million in First Kaska Construction Limited Partnership to expand timber manufacturing

The funding, delivered through CanNor, supports the purchase, relocation and expansion of Heartland Timber Homes in its new location in Watson Lake

Canadian inflation rate is expected to fall

Statistics Canada reported earlier this week that the headline inflation rate fell last month to 5.9 per cent from 6.3 per cent in December, a decline that can be explained by a

Job vacancies still remain, wage growth slowing: StatCan

Statistics Canada says this sector has seen job vacancies more than double since the beginning of the pandemic.


Protect Your Business with Cloud ERP

With cyberattacks like ransomware on the rise, manufacturers must have the people, processes, and technology in place to protect their business. In this webinar, Epicor Chief Information Officer Rich Murr breaks down the multiple stages of a ransomware attack. You’ll learn how cloud-based solutions and security controls, like anti-malware, redundant backups, and disaster recovery, can help you isolate your systems to reduce your risk of data exposure.

Loop Energy announces partnership with H2 Portable

The fuel cells will be integrated into hydrogen-electric gensets designed to provide clean power to movie sets, construction sites and other locations with limited grid power access. » Read More...

ApprenticeSearch.com hosted a trades open house

The two-day event provided future skilled trades professionals with the opportunity to build their network and their knowledge of the skilled trades pathway, with a focus on connecting to opportunities for employment in the trades. » Read More...

Worksport completes commercial installations of EV fast charging stations

The EV fast charging systems show real-time analytic information on seven-inch LCD and has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID/NFC, and cellular connectivity. » Read More...


Q&A with NGen CEO Jayson Myers

NGen received an investment of $177 million from the Government of Canada to advance Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing » Read More...


4 ways manufacturers can reduce their energy use

Moving to renewable energy is about more than eliminating natural gas or petroleum from the equation. » Read More...


Was Earth already heating up, or did global warming reverse a long-term cooling trend?

Even though scientists know more about the most recent 6,000 years than any other multimillennial interval, studies on this long-term global temperature trend have come to contrasting conclusions. » Read More...


Industry minister announces $250 million to train workers for emerging sectors

Ottawa is launching a $250 million training program targeting skills needed for high-growth sectors, federal Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne said Friday. » Read More...

Airbus creating 500 new jobs in Canada this year as it ramps up A220 production

Airbus says it is creating 500 new jobs in Canada this year as it looks to increase A220 aircraft production. » Read More...