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Airbus to fill over 800 jobs in Canada

Approximately 500 jobs will be new positions.

Canadian colleges establish microcredential programs to help students upskill for the workforce

C2R2 has launched Quick Train Canada, offering microcredentials from select accredited institutions across Canada targeted at upgrading skills in crucial sectors targeted at Canada's low-carbon economy.

Licensed pot producers weigh strategies after OCS margin cut

Companies aren't required to pass along the savings to consumers by lowering their prices, so many observers believe licensed producers will adopt a range of pricing strategies.


Engineered to drill 70,000 holes.

The highly durable FEIN JME ShortSlugger II has a 1,200 watt high-performance motor designed to drill 70,000 holes.

Its straightforward functionality, fast drilling progress and low price are ready to perform at your toughest job sites.

Designed with safety and durability as a priority, the tilt sensor will turn off the motor if the drill changes position while drilling. The internal wiring harness helps reduce maintenance costs, decreasing down time and keeping the drill productive.
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Sustainable materials in tire production include recycled rubber, rice husks and plastic bottles

Continental is aiming for fully circular operations in its tire production by 2050. » Read More...

InThing Corp and Nuage Technologies to offer a supply chain solution in Canada

Canadian companies, government agencies and educational institutes can now adopt RFID and RTLS technologies in their operations with out-of-the-box, but scalable solutions, according to Nuage. » Read More...

Partake Cannabis announces entry into Man. market

Partake Cannabis has partnered with local retailers and distributors in Manitoba to offer its products at select retail locations throughout the province. » Read More...

WHITE PAPER - Life-work Technology in Practice: Manufacturing

Organizations that are people-focused, life-aware, adaptable, and resilient have led the race to become employers of choice. By embracing solutions that reflect the connections between life and work, Life-work Technology™ can give organizations confidence in attracting and retaining the talent they need to be successful. To understand the stark differences that manufacturing organizations can experience based on whether they’ve embraced the Life-work Journey, see two manufacturers in everyday scenarios. We’ll examine the general challenges of each organization and walk through a potentially stressful week in the life of a supervisor to compare their mastery of the Life-work Journey.
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4 ways manufacturers can reduce their energy use

Moving to renewable energy is about more than eliminating natural gas or petroleum from the equation. » Read More...


A 7-point checklist to reduce emissions in your manufacturing plant

By implementing these strategies, not only will manufacturing plants reduce their carbon emissions, they will gain recognition for their sustainability efforts.  » Read More...


In rural America, right-to-repair laws are the leading edge of a pushback against growing corporate power

For farmers, few examples of those corporate constraints are more frustrating than repair restrictions and patent rights that prevent them from saving seeds from their own crops for future planting. » Read More...


Tesla workers fired after union push at NY plant

Several employees at a Tesla factory in New York have been fired a day after launching union organizing efforts, according to Tesla Workers United, but the company says they’re not related. » Read More...

Investors flocking to energy transition, TSX Venture 50 list shows

The latest edition of the TSX Venture 50 list shows investors are increasingly snapping up stocks with any sort of energy transition theme. » Read More...